How To Wear

Most of our headwear is fitted and ready to go, however we thought this page would be useful with a few ideas for you to have fun with wearing our scarves and discover different styles!

Headband Scarves

lace your hands on the lycra band and bring it over from the back of your head to the front.

Lara Style - use the scrunchie to hold the tail together.

For different looks, try varying the way your hold with scrunchie, for example to the side with excess material tucked in gives a great look.

Mia Style - This has 2 layers, a longer one at the top and a shorter one underneath.

Use the shorter layer to tie a knot over the longer one.

Square Bandanas

To get more out of your square bandana only fold one third of the way, place flat side over your forehead, at the back tuck middle point in between right and left ones and tie a knot.

Hats and Turbans

Why not add a scarf to your turban, 3 Seam Hat, Hat and Band and Jersey Head Cap, it will add instant colour and look great!

Chiffon Beaded

These are pre fitted with an elastic trim at the back and very long ties.

Place the scarf hat over your head.

Now you can have fun with the ties, by bringing them around to the top front, crossing over and tying them to the side or back will give a great look, you'll be certain to get compliments on this scarf!