Comfortable Jersey, Towelling and Velour Turbans

Turbans in cotton jersey, velour and towelling, suitable for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, and those suffering from alopecia.

Many cancer patients may find themselves experiencing cold spells after chemotherapy. This heat loss can be compounded by a lack of hair. The human head is the greatest source of heat loss in the body. By covering the head in a stylish turban, it's possible to look good while staying warm. The comfy fabric of a turban can feel great on one's skin.
A turban offers better protection from the cold than a traditional hat or scarf. Since many turbans cover a significant portion of the head, it's possible to cover one's ears and one's forehead. This will held prevent heat loss and allow an individual to stay warm in the coldest weather.
While cancer can be a scary time for many people, it's important to take care of one's self. By wearing the right types of clothes, it's possible to stay warm during a recovery program. A turban can be a great way to speed up the healing process while maintaining a beautiful look. Some turbans can be designed with a custom pattern or colouring. This can be a great way for an individual to show off his or her unique look to the world. A turban is a great head accessory for people of all ages.