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These have a soft headband with a scarf attached. The Lara has a matching scrunchie too!

We have a large variety of soft headband scarves with matching scrunchies, ideal for any occasion, work, casual or dressy designer wear.

Caps for Chemotherapy patients - Cancer caps - Caps for Cancer Patients

Stylish caps never go out of fashion and are very versatile as a full head covering that is designed with no uncomfortable seams or uncomfortable bumps. Our caps for cancer patients, are made from natural fibres which breathe better, have more give and keeps the right amount of heat on the head areas. Our selection of padded caps for hair loss gives men and women fullness at the top which gives a more confident look and comfortable fit. After hair loss, our head seems to appear flatter at the crown, but with a little more fullness, our caps provide patients with a great basic design.


Adding accessories to a chemo cap gives each wearer a voice to their own imagination and creativity. Choose from our many selections of patterned and metallic print twist wraps, floral detailed brooches, or colourful headbands and scarf wraps that are made from stretchable fabrics, all of which seem to add an extra layer of volume on the caps. Adding these items to a cap for cancer patients, allows them to wear a different versions of their caps every day, all day. All of our caps for cancer patients which also include children can be ordered with caps that feature cartoon characters, flowers, zoo animals and many colourful soft caps. Our cap styles also include the “baker boy” with a brim, berets, Nepal/Peruvian styles and top pleated elegant cancer caps. Purchase multiple caps for cancer patients for daily wear from our large selection of affordable caps by using our gift vouchers. We will also gift wrap your chemo caps from a variety of fun and beautiful designs, all with guaranteed hygienic packaging, delivery and shipping that will be confirmed via email.