Cancer Head Scarves Help Create a Unique and Original Style

Cancer head scarves are able to add a unique look to those who are undergoing hair loss due to cancer treatments. The experience of cancer treatments can be quite frightening, especially with the side effects of Chemotherapy. In addition to the nausea, soreness and vomiting, the loss of hair can be quite devastating. Hair loss may be one of the … Continue reading

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Head scarves for cancer

Bandanas for Cancer & Chemotherapy Patients – Cotton Bandanas for Hair Loss

Chemo bandanas are a lifesaver for those cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy and have lost their hair. In this day and age when some actresses and women are willing to brave the world showing off a bald head, the majority of cancer patients are too bashful to do so.   Rather than just sit at home and get depressed, … Continue reading

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Bohemia “spring/summer range” of hats, turbans, scarves and hair accessories are now readily available.

Hello Bohemia customers! The warm breath of spring/summer is on its way at last!  Now is the  time to take stock of your life, your wardrobe and your appearance! This is an especially poignant time for those who have suffered the devastating effects of chemotherapy. Hair loss. Its a great help to find attractive, fashionable and affordable headwear. Is it … Continue reading

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chemo hat

Celebrating The Elegance of Womanhood. Happy Woman’s day!!!


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Cancer Patient Hat

Cancer hats – Hats for cancer patients – Cancer patient hats   If you are looking for a online shop to buy hats for cancer patients, then you may want to consider www.bohemiaheadwear.co.uk We offer a wide selection of different hats for cancer patients and hair loss sufferers including bandanas, turbans, caps and scarves. There is a broad range of … Continue reading

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Coping with Hair Loss during chemotherapy treatment

Hair Loss Side Effects and Treatment Also known as Alopecia, hair loss can occur as a side effect during chemotherapy treatment. This only happens as some chemotherapy treatments attack the hair growth cells. Not all Chemotherapy drugs will cause hair loss. Some people will consider this to be the worst part of cancer treatment, hair loss can be very traumatic … Continue reading

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