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Bohemia Headwear
 was founded in 2005 after a friend told me there were not many nice hats out on the market. The friend, an orthotic manager working for a large London hospital, told me about the struggle that some of her patients faced when trying to find suitable headwear. 

I was Born in Brazil and taught by mum to sew, a skill which has been very useful over the years. In my early 30's, living in the UK, I would often design and make dresses for family and friends, which was something I’d always enjoy.

After being asked to help, I took on the challenge and started to make some ‘easy to wear’ sleep caps and padded head scarves for some of the patients of which many were going through chemotherapy sessions. 

What was initially something temporary became a huge success and in 2008 my daughter Anita joined the business and we became a partnership. Anita comes from a background in Business, IT and Customer Service, which are all great assets to our business. 

It is stressful enough to lose your hair, so looking for something to wear should not be an extra problem. We found that there is a large selection of hats and scarves available in the USA, where we import around 10% of our stock from, however we have been very fortunate and for the past 5 years have a team of ladies who make most of our headwear here in the UK, which gives us great flexibility in both the selection of fabrics and the design of our hats, whilst we are able to overlook production and individually check and pack each and every item we make.

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Anita and I work together all the time, we answer the phones and reply to all emails, package the orders and post the parcels. Working in a small team may be tiring at times, but it has its advantages. We have full control of what happens at Bohemia and it’s easy to communicate as we share the same values for the business. 

Our main priority from the beginning has been to provide 100% customer satisfaction. We deal with people of different ages, going through many difficult situations, we really want you to have a stress-free experience when shopping with us. 

Anita has a lovely and caring nature and finds it easy to talk to our customers, sometimes, people call us to find out more about a hat, but end up telling her their stories and experiences in life. We’ve heard some amazing and truly inspirational stories.

The best thing is that we are making someone’s life easier. We love when people like our products and send us emails telling of their experiences. The other day we got an email from a customer who said she has never felt so confident in her entire treatment. Some people may say it is just a hat or a turban, but it is more than that. It is about offering a product with good quality and helping people gain back their confidence.

We have been supplying a number of NHS hospitals, Hospices, Cancer Charities, Wig Suppliers and working alongside doctors, nurses and health practitioners who often call to us to find the ideal hats and scarves for their patients. 

If anyone asks us if we like what we do, Anita and I would promptly reply: “Absolutely- it’s a very rewarding experience!”

Welcome to Bohemia Headwear

Ida and Anita xx